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Mindful IVF: Dr. Mohit Saraogi offers intuitive treatment for infertility and boosts mental health

Parenthood is one of the most important stages in an adult’s life.  Today, society often overlooks the emotional baggage that an individual and couples face due to infertility. Being a leading IVF specialist for nearly thirteen years, Dr. Mohit R Saraogi says the main reasons for infertility are the urban lifestyle, work stress, pollution and delayed marriageable age, increasing the infertility chances of couples in Mumbai. 

Dr Mohit Saraogi of Saraogi Hospital and Iris IVF Centre, Mumbai, states, ‘At times, we have patients who are highly distressed due to their infertility conditions. Along with my IVF treatment, I try to counsel and guide them not to take stress or be overanxious about their condition. I truly understand their need for compassionate care and guidance during these challenging times.’ 

According to Mrs. Vishaka Goyal, the co-founder of ClinicSports (a doctor discovery platform), Dr. Mohit R Saraogi, among the leading IVF doctors in Mumbai, practicing at Saraogi Hospital Mumbai for over 13 years is one of the best. He is one of the few IVF specialists who has attained a success rate of over 45% for IVF treatment, which is above average.’

Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai has identified this as a concerning issue and has taken up the responsibility to help and treat people with the latest technology in IVF treatments.  Experienced and expert doctors like Dr. Mohit R Saraogi, who has performed numerous fertility treatments like IUI, ICSI and IMSI offer to treat and help patients realize their parenthood dream.

He shares the case of Ravi and Shanta, to understand the effects of infertility on mental health. They were happily married for five years, but the burden of not being able to conceive was always an underlying stress. The family’s expectation of a child and social pressure added to their sadness.

Slowly, their marriage started showing signs of unhappiness. They blamed each other for being unable to conceive, which led to feelings of inadequacy, low esteem and resentment towards each other. They avoided attending social get-togethers and isolated themselves from family and friends. This affected their mental status and their health due to loss of appetite and interest in future life.

They approached Dr. Saraogi for consultation, who then recommended relevant fertility tests and also suggested counselling for their mental distress. Based on the results of the fertility tests, Ravi had infertility issues, which were treatable through ICSI – IVF procedure along with diet as recommended by a dietician.

They were encouraged to seek counselling to improve their mental health. The couple agreed and proceeded with D.r Mohit Saraogi’s recommendations, and within a few months, their IVF cycle was successful. Today, they are proud parents of Asha, a healthy girl.

While discussing Ravi and Shanta’s story, Dr. Mohit Saraogi states, “Infertility is a silent struggle many people experience. However, with advancements in ART technology, treatment options are available. I hope people with fertility issues approach doctors for treatment, counselling and support, we must treat and help patients in every possible way”.

The unwavering perseverance and determination of Dr. Mohit R Saraogi and his team is commendable. They have brought smiles to many individuals and couples seeking parenthood for nearly fifteen years.

For inquiries on IVF treatment or an appointment with Dr Mohit Saraogi, please contact:

Saraogi Hospital,

1st Floor Simplex Khushaangan,


S.V.Road, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400064

Mobile # 9930666930

Email – mohitsaraogi85@gmail.com

About Dr. Mohit Saraogi

Dr. Mohit Saraogi is a triple gold medallist in FCPS, DGO and ICOG examination which makes him and expert IVF specialist in Mumbai. He heads the Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai which houses the IRIS IVF Centre. The hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory required for gynecology and IVF treatment. They have noted one of the highest rate of successful IVF/ICSI treatments. The team of qualified and expert medical professionals at the hospital is committed to serving patients in the best possible manner. Saraogi Hospital stands strong as one the best IVF centres in Mumbai offering multidisciplinary healthcare services.

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