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From Kidney Failure to Motorcycle Crusade: Vinod’s 2000 km Ride for Organ Donation Awareness.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 28: In a remarkable display of determination and advocacy, Vinod Vishwakarma, a motorcycle mechanic turned organ donation advocate, is gearing up for an extraordinary journey. Embarking from the heart of Mumbai, Andheri, Vinod will ride his motorbike a staggering 2000 kilometers all the way to Nepal, spreading awareness about kidney disease and the critical need for organ donation along the way.

Vinod’s journey is deeply personal. In 2010, he faced a life-altering diagnosis: kidney failure. Like many, he had overlooked the subtle signs of the disease until it reached a critical stage. With the compassionate guidance of the Narmada Kidney Foundation, Vinod underwent a kidney transplant, marking a turning point in his life. Grateful for his second chance, Vinod became an active member of the foundation, dedicating himself to raising awareness about kidney health and organ donation.

Driven by a passion to make a difference, Vinod has participated tirelessly in the foundation’s organ donation awareness activities. Now, he’s taking his advocacy to the next level with his epic motorcycle journey. Setting off from the Narmada Kidney Foundation office in Andheri, Vinod aims to ignite conversations about kidney disease and organ donation as he travels through cities and towns en route to Nepal.

Dr. Mita Shah, Consultant Diabetologist at Global Hospital & Anil Clinic and Trustee of the Narmada Kidney Foundation, commends Vinod’s spirit, describing him as a true artist who sees the road as his canvas and his bike as a brush. Vinod’s journey symbolises resilience, freedom, and the transformative power of organ donation.

Established in 1993, the Narmada Kidney Foundation has been at the forefront of kidney disease awareness and support. Recognising the alarming rise in chronic kidney disease cases, the foundation strives to educate individuals about kidney health, provide guidance to patients, and promote organ donation to facilitate life-saving transplants.

Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension stand as major contributors to kidney disease and cardiovascular complications. By advocating for healthy lifestyle choices and preventive measures, the foundation aims to stem the tide of kidney disease incidence and improve overall public health.

Dr. Bharat V Shah, Director of the Institute of Renal Sciences at Gleneagles Hospital and Managing Trustee of the Narmada Kidney Foundation, emphasises the importance of prevention in tackling kidney disease. He echoes the sentiment that by focusing on preventive measures, a significant portion of kidney failures can be averted.

From Kidney Failure to Motorcycle Crusade: Vinod's 2000 km Ride for Organ Donation Awareness. - PNN Digital
Mumbai to Nepal

The foundation’s initiatives extend beyond awareness campaigns to include practical support for patients and families. From organising events like Organ Donors’ Day and the National Transplant Games to offering subsidized medicines, vaccines, and post-transplant care, the foundation strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by kidney disease.

As Vinod embarks on his journey, he hopes to inspire others to join the cause. Through his perseverance and advocacy, he aims to shed light on the critical need for organ donors and empower individuals to make a life-saving decision by pledging to donate their organs after death.

Narmada Kidney Foundation echoes this call to action, urging individuals to pledge their organs and become part of the solution. With a simplified process facilitated by the Indian government’s initiative and the foundation’s own resources, everyone has the opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of those in need.

To pledge your organs after death, visit the Indian Government’s website or the Narmada Kidney Foundation’s website to take the pledge and receive your certificate. Together, let’s ride towards a future where kidney disease is preventable, and every person in need has hope for a healthier tomorrow.

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