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Kalpesh Goti – Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Philanthropist inspired to writing a book for unsung Water Warriors of India

Kalpesh Goti, Managing Director of Greenleaf Envirotech Ltd. Surat an entrepreneur turn philanthropist decided to write books on unsung heroes working tirelessly to preserve the rivers, which are the lifelines of countless communities. Motivated by their dedication, Kalpesh decided to share their stories with the world through the book.

“This book serves three purposes. The first is recognition of these water warriors and celebration of their work. Secondly, raising awareness about the importance of river conservation with their stories, and thirdly, to inspire collective action towards protecting rivers,” explains Kalpesh.

At the heart of the book is the narrative of 30 water warriors whose relentless efforts embody the spirit of resilience and stewardship. Through their stories, Kalpesh aims to ignite a nationwide dialogue on the urgent need for wastewater treatment infrastructure and environmental preservation. The book also details Kalpesh’s leanings from his journey and the challenges in wastewater treatment.

If you had done outstanding or remarkable Job to save water, please reach out on mail id: info@glepl.com You can also nominate the person working tirelessly for saving water for the society.

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